Wonder-Shirts is all about kids and reading...and thank goodness we're not alone in our quest (that would be mighty lonely!). Here are a few websites we particularly enjoy:

SWEET ON BOOKS (www.sweetonbooks.com) With so many kid's books available (and more coming every day), it's often difficult to find just the right title for your child. This site is run by Moms and uses a unique grading system to help find exactly what you're looking for.

GOREYOGRAPHY (www.goreyography.com) It was none other than Maurice Sendak who said that Edward Gorey "is perfect for children." Some may agree and some might not, but we're big Gorey fans and Goreyography is the ultimate Gorey site.

MO WILLEMS (www.mowillems.com) Beginning with Pigeon, and moving on through Elephant and Piggie, Knuffle Bunny, Naked Mole Rat and others, Mo has brought more than his share of hilarity to children's books. An outstanding web site with books, games, Mo's blog and on and on.

ROSEMARY WELLS (www.rosemarywells.com) Max and Ruby, the Bunny Planet, Yoko and other beloved characters can all be found on Rosemary's site along with videos, games and even a source for original artwork.

KEVIN HENKES (www.kevinhenkes.com) In addition to his picture books (including the 2005 Caldecott-winner, Kitten's First Full Moon) and mouse books (ahhh, Lilly and Crysanthemum, and Chester and...), Kevin is also a talented young adult novelist. It's all on his site.

JUDY SCHACHNER (www.skippyjonjones.com) With a site as dynamic and funny as her noted character, Skippyjon Jones, Judy takes visitors on a journey that includes games, videos, webisode episodes, special downloads, tour dates and a special section for teachers. Fun!

BETSY LEWIN (www.betsylewin.com) Take a tour of Betsy's books, watch a video interview, play games, arrange an author visit, and purchase original artwork. All from the site of the incredible illustrator of Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type and many others.

WILL HILLENBRAND (www.willhillenbrand.com) In addition to the usual (bibliography, author visits, art gallery, upcoming titles), Will's site also has a fascinating page on the e-Thology Project, his unique vision to help children express themselves through words and art.